Will Gay Republicans Back Trump?

Will Gay Republicans Back Trump?

From the Washington Blade:

Gregory Angelo, Log Cabin’s current president, said that while the group won’t make a presidential endorsement decision until after the Republican Convention in July, he said Log Cabin’s board won’t make a final decision on whether to endorse Trump at that time unless two conditions are met.

“Number one, we would need to survey our members around the country to determine whether they would personally support a Log Cabin Republicans endorsement of Donald Trump for president,” he said.

“The second, I would need to meet at the very least with the Trump campaign if not the man himself because I think at the very least we would need to discuss specifically where Trump stands on a whole host of issues,” said Angelo.

“I am on record as saying if Donald Trump won the Republican presidential nomination quantifiably he would be the most pro-gay nominee our party has ever had, not just because he has attended a same-sex wedding or believes that discrimination is wrong,” Angelo said.

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